Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mug Cosies that hug your mug...I want a cuddle!

I've always liked mug cosies. Not only do they prevent your hands from burning, but they actually help to keep your tea hot for longer. I'm delighted to introduce to you my latest creation..a Mug Cosy that literally hugs your tea/coffee mug. Crocheted in a wool blend called Tapestry, it will keep your tea/coffee/hot chocolate hot for longer. The best way to use is to first dress your mug in the mug cosy, warm the mug (pour very hot/boiled water into the mug and leave the hot water in the mug for a few minutes e.g while the kettle is boiling), pour out the water and pour your tea into the warmed and 'insulated' mug...enjoy! :-)

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