Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Product - something for the cafetiere/Bodum lovers

Finally, I have made a coffee pot/cafetiere/Bodum cover, and I am absolutely delighted with my first one. I discovered a Japanese yarn that is a hand-dyed mixture of silk, kid mohair and lambswool, which feels so luxurious.I couldn't wait to see the finished product and I have to say, I love it! It covers up the pot beautifully and with the integration of elastic at the top and in the middle, the cover will not slip downwards, as would have happened, given the silkiness of the yarn. I have also added a loop that goes over the handle as extra security. So, trust me, this will not slip! Yes, I am on a roll, so, expect more to come!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Update - new products, new ideas...

Hello everyone. I thought I'd update you on the goings-on at Tafferty Designs. It has been a while since I had almost no outstanding orders. At the moment, there is just one, and that itself is nearly finished. I've worded late into the night to get them out as soon as possible. I hate making customers wait for ages! This has allowed me to work on more ready-to-ship/ready-to-go/RTGs items, therefore I am currently stocking the shop with LOADS of brand new items. Working on RTGs allows me indulge my creativity and design new items.  have come up with a pattern for doll sweaters with a collar, which I am absolutely in love with. I can vary the bottom so it looks a bit different every time. 

I have also added new tea cosies in a variety of colours and a variety of designs. AND, I have also designed a doll cape inspired by the popular Little Red Riding Hood story.  I call it the Little Doll Pixie CapeAnother exciting development has been the introduction of tiny accessories for the most adorable Petit Bonbon mice! Melissa made an absolutely gorgeous little mouse in the colour of my choice. I call her Elizabeth. If you don't have one of these little bonbons, you need to! 

Last, but certainly not least, a sweet and incredibly talented friend made a 10" doll for me, called Josie, who is now the model for my 10-12" doll clothing. She is absolutely stunning. She is very special to me, not only because she is gorgeous, but because my friend really put her heart and soul into making her. I love her so! 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Have a Heart - Hearts for Vanessa Charity Auction

Doll Aran Jumper by Tafferty Designs
For the past week or so, I have been working with a wonderful group of people who got together when their dear friend, Vanessa, lost her husband suddenly. What brought them together was love, understanding and kindness, qualities and emotions of true friendship. The “Hearts for Vanessa” online auction will take place in about one week time. It will include over 70 one-of-a-kind items generously donated by over 40 of our favorite artisans for waldorf dolls, doll accessories, children’s clothing and more and at a range of price levels. All proceeds go to give Vanessa and her young daughters some financial relief as her husband had passed suddenly last week. I have donated a few items - the doll Aran jumper (pictured) is just one of them.

It is impressive to see this HUGE coming together of helping hands and open hearts from many individuals and artisans such as (in alphabetical order): Abby Caddaby – Adventures with Moosling – Apple Sprouts Boutique – Bamboletta – Bobo and Blanket Dolls – Dragonfly’s Hollow – Fig & Me – From the Pear Tree – GiggleSprout Dolls – Halfpints and Pipsqueaks – Jellybean Ponies – Lilley’s Garden Boutique ­- Little Jenny Wren Dolls – Kingyo Design – Lunart Dolls by Desi – Made Sew Pretty – Malula Doll – Maizy Moo Knits – Marta Kay Toups – Meg Bitton Photography – Millie’s Dollhouse – Minha Boneca - Molly’s Playground – Moonchild Dolls – My Baby Rocks – Mygah’s Closet – My PolkaDot Pixie "The Doll That Love Built" – Nanerjoy – Quietude Quilts – Petit Bonbon – Pine Cone Gnome – Pookidolls – Reggiedolls – Rebecca Bauer – Rhonda Walker – ShaeJae Dolls – Stella Grace Boutique – Tafferty Designs – The Baby Wrangler – The BowVine Boutique – The Crown Jules – The Doll that Love Built – The Green Goat – The Melamoose Co. – The Paws Button –TigerLilys – Tomboyknits – Turtlekeeper Designs – Violets & Larkspur – WildbyDesign Boutique – Woolhalla – Yarn to Market – and a few other surprises.

Pre-auction sneak peeks and more details about the auction will be available soon, so stay tuned!!!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

RTG Doll Knitwear Upload - 28 Jan 2012!!!

And now an announcement for you! My dolly-loving friends and fans, we are about to embark on a road to regular RTG uploads! I hope you'll join me! You will be my fuel. I won't be able to move without you! :-) The first will be on Saturday 28th January. So SAVE THE DATE! :-) ♥ ♥ 

For those of you wondering about custom orders, those will be welcome as always. I love them too much to drop them off the plans! :-) ♥

Today, there is something else that is new..the blog appearance. Although I loved the white background, which looked clean and fresh, I think after 2 years it needed a change. It needed a bit of colour injection, to freshen it up and give it new life. It has lain dormant for far too long. So, I took a deep breath and tried all thebackgrounds which Blogger provides. This current one was the one I loved the most. Although my banner looks a bit askew, it's ok. I think it makes it a bit quirky! So, perhaps the blog will now be a cheerier place for you to visit, and hopefully you will want to come back! Oh..and have you noticed?..Second Saturday in a row that I have blogged! Yes, that is the plan! :-) 

Tonight I am going out with a group of friends to bid farewell to a friend who has decided to emigrate to Australia (can you blame her? The weather itself is enough to drive you round the bend!) So she is off to sunny Brisbane, which I hear has perfect beaches (yes..rub it in...) We prepared a 'Leaving Book' for her, with snippets of the memories we have shared along the way. We have shared joy (like when she got married last year), We have shared pain (like when I lost my dad), we have laughed and we have cried, we have lazied about and we have boogied. Louise (or Lou Lou as we call her) is one of those characters who enjoys life to the full. And so she should, because life is what we make it. So let's make our lives worth living. 

I bet you didn't know I can dance, did you? I don't quite have the moves "like Jagger", but I sure can make Simon Cowell run for his money!..Oh..he doesn't dance, does he?..Hmmm...ok...

Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year...New Plans...and a New Camera!

Made to order at Tafferty Designs
So, we're in January already! How time flies. It's a time to make plans and for some, resolutions. I personally don't like making resolutions, because if I don't stick to them, it's like some sort of failure! So, I make plans instead. I make plans for my personal life, as well as for my wee business. Tafferty Designs now has over 870 fans on Facebook. It looks like we'll hit 900 fans this year at least! lol.. I love getting new fans. It's a sign that people are liking..or dare I even say loving my stuff! I appreciate all the support I get from my fans. It's wonderful. I love the interaction as well. I love it when people like a post/photo, comment or post their own posts on the page. I don't know if people even realise hope has always been to cultivate a little community where I can share with my fans my passion for knitting and crochet. I am more or less up to date with my orders right now, so I am planning a surprise for when we hit 900 fans on Facebook. I think I will hold off giving details until we're actually at 900 fans. :-)

Talking about crochet, 2011 saw the start of something new, as I opened up a separate shop (TD Crochet Patterns) for just my patterns. I had initially thought I would cease to list pattern in my TD shop, but I still get decent sales of patterns in my TD shop. So..hmm...tricky! I think I'll stick with both until TDCP turns ONE!, we'll see. That's the beauty of making plans. They can be altered to suit the situation. :-)

Another thing is I have become increasingly embarrassed by my crappy photos. I think seeing other people's photos makes you realise just how bad yours are! The grainy ones taken at night are the worst! They make me cringe!! I looked at the ones I took when I first opened TD. My skin crawled!! TD couldn't stop laughing I had to send him out of the room! If he were younger he would have been on the naughty step just for that! lol  I bet my photographer fans and friends also probably ask.."What the hell???" Anyway, I decided to get a new PROPER camera! I am absolutely in love with it!! It will take some getting used to, (all that stuff about aperture..ISO..shutter speed...YIKES!!) but I have been researching online and have struck up a friendship with a few people who are really big on photography to get some tips. They are amateurs like me, so I don't feel like I am getting a tutorial I should be paying for,which would make me feel quite bad. lol.. I think I will join a photography group or at least attend a course so I know what I am doing! One could have a fantastic camera and still take appalling photos!'s gonna be one helluva a fun ride! I love it. Oh..that reminds me..I need to get lamps!

I will have to resist writing things about the pattern shop here. See? I was about to tell you I am designing a new hat!..I suppose I can tell you a wee bit, since the hat itself will be added to the TD inventory. So, expect a new hat at TD! I will make dolly versions as well.

Outside work what am I up to?I have decided to take up jogging again because I am planning to run a marathon for charity, as well as for my own personal achievement. I have always been an athelete from a young age, so it will be something to add to my list of things I did out of passion. :-)

Until next time...keep safe..keep smiling..and keep loving..

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


So, after finding out what the hype was all about this Pinterest, I opened an account. It seems like an interesting social media. I wonder how long it will go on for. Well, as long as it is running, I'll pin some stuff I find interesting on my board. I have only pinned a few things in my shop. When I have some time on my hands I will look for other interesting things to pin on my board. :-)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

It's been a while...but...

It has been a while since I blogged. That's how busy I have been! I suppose working on orders has to be a priority at all times. I do keep up-to-date on Facebook, so perhaps if you're still not a follower on Facebook it's time you did! :-)

I finally set up a separate Pattern Shop, which is doing ok. I have had 51 sales already, which is pretty good in 3 months..for a 'newbie'! I love designing new patterns, and once I get most orders completed, I will continue to design more. I have lots of exciting ideas.

Speaking of new designs, my dolly line is expanding. I have added so many new designs..


...and more...and...wait for it...I finally got my BOY DOLL!!!!...He is a Dragonfly's Hollow boy and I absolutely LOVE him to bits. He is perfect in every way. So, expect some boy doll designs. next doll will be a 10-inch doll. There are a few to choose from. It will probably depend on the price and availability, as many of my favourites are sooooooooooo hard to get these's almost impossible! So, I will keep my fingers crossed that someone will want to re-home theirs, or that I am just lucky enough to snag one! :-) Fingers crossed! :-)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

New Designs

I have been busy working on orders and writing new patterns. I want to expand my pattern inventory so that I can offer them in more designs and sizes.

I have really enjoyed working on custom orders. My customers always come up with fantastic ideas. One of my favourite is the Harry Potter sweater and scarf set which came about through a custom order request. I love Harry Potter, so I am sure you can understand why I am so excited!

The other has been the diaper cover for dolls. There are so many baby dolls out there so it was only a matter of time that I tweaked my diaper cover patterns to fit dolls. So, I will definitely be offering them in my shop! Now I am thinking of getting a baby doll to model a new baby doll range!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The winners of the Birthday Bash Giveaway are...

It's time to announce the winners of my giveaway. There were 19 entries for the Doll Category and 8 for the tea cosy. I read each post with my hand to my heart, because each message was so sweet. Thank you for all your support! I always enjoy the giveaways!

So, the random number generator did it's magic and selected the winners.

In the Doll Category, the winner is...

Jenninbrissy said...
I'll go first :). I'm a follower on FB :). Profile is Jenn Hayley Melanie :). are the winner in the Doll Category this time round! Congratulations! 

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - 

Now..for the General Category, the winner is....

Heather said...
AND I'm a blog follower!
Winners, please email me your shipping details at, by Tuesday 31.05.2011. If I do not hear from you by then, you will forfeit your prize. Thank you!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Blog Birthday Bash + Etsy Anniversary - it's Giveaway Time!

A year ago today, 13th May, I started this blog. I have enjoyed sharing some of my experiences on this blog and hope to build on it to make your visits more enjoyable and rewarding. I am working on it, don't you worry!

I would also like to thank the people who have supported me on Facebook by being fans of the Tafferty Designs Facebook page. At present, there are nearly 775 such people. It's amazing! This period also marks the 2nd anniversary of TD on Etsy. It has been and continues to be a wonderful experience for me on Etsy. So I would like to celebrate all these three things, which have happened around the same time. What a wonderful coincidence! To celebrate and to say THANK YOU, I am hosting a giveaway! We decided on the prizes on Facebook, which was so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

As you know, I make a variety of things.. tea cosies, hats, booties and also doll clothing and name it. If it can be knitted or crocheted, I will make it. This giveaway will be a little different in that there will be TWO for the doll lovers, and one for those who would prefer something else.

A little housekeeping...


1. You must be either a blog follower OR a Tafferty Designs FB fan.
2. Entry is by comment only. You post a comment under the blog post with the prize you want to win. If you are struggling to comment for any reason, contact me and I will post on your behalf. 
3. You have to decide which category you want to be entered into. You have to CHOOSE ONE CATEGORY. You cannot enter both categories. If I see you have entered for both, you will be disqualified altogether. 
4. I will use the random number generator (RNG) at to select a winner in each category.
5. For an extra entry in your chosen category,  be both a blog follower and an FB Fan. :-)

So, to avoid confusion, I have posted SEPARATE POSTS BELOW FOR EACH CATEGORY. For a chance to win the prize you want, simply comment under it. Remember you have to CHOOSE ONE CATEGORY. 

Entry closes on Friday 27th May 2011 overnight. The winner will be chosen on Saturday 28th May 2011. The prizes will be shipped on the Monday 30th May 2011.

This celebration is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook! :-)

Giveaway Prizes for Doll Category - to win this prize, comment under this post

What you will win:

1. A hand-knitted sweater made using either pure merino wool or cashmerino, featuring a lovely lacy pattern. It will  have a single wooden button. (A replica of the sweater pictured). You can choose the size you need, as I know not everyone has dolls of all sizes! I make these sweater in the following sizes 10-12", 14" and 15". You can also choose the colour you want! So you can match your doll's hair, clothing or just pick your favourite colour. :-). Please note that due to the sweater having a button, it is not intended for children under the age of 3 years as buttons pose a choking hazard! If this is to be used by a child under the age of three years, please let me know if you are selected as the winner so that I can remove the button and attach cotton ties instead. We need to keep those little ones safe!
2. Hand-knitted Ballerina Mary-Jane shoes in the colour to match your sweater.

For a chance to win THIS prize, comment under this post.

Giveaway Prizes for General Category - to win this prize, comment under this post

What you will win:

1. Handcrafted Raspberry Tea Cosy, made using pure merino wool. This will fit a ‘medium-sized teapot, which holds 4-6 cups/2 pints. .


For a chance to win THIS prize, comment under THIS post.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Custom orders put on hold temporarily...

So, I made a plan in my head of what I wanted to do this month. I was gearing up to take TD to another level. Some things will go ahead as planned, like completing current orders (absolutely!), preparing my donations to various charity auctions and collaborative giveaways, and sending items to be photographed. However, I will have to put custom orders on hold, as my dear hubby and my family agreed we should go on a family holiday. I come from a big family, and apparently it was a unanimous decision, so, I am out-numbered before I even begin! lol We usually go on a family holiday once a year, but last year it just didn't happen for one reason or another. It's important for people to spend quality family time together, to have a balance between life and work. We'll be away for nearly 3 weeks from the first week of June (oh my gosh!). So, having looked at my list of current orders needing to be completed, and needing some time to prepare for the trip, in between visits to the orthopaedic team and physiotherapy (for my fractured ankle), it's only sensible to put custom orders on hold until the end of May. The reason for that is that will enable me to stick to my current turn-around-time of 4-6 weeks. I would hate to make anyone wait for longer than that unless they chose to do so themselves of course. So, this month I will focus on completing current orders, and designing new lines which I will add to my inventory upon my return. I will also add items which will be ready-to-ship in the shop every now and again, if I can, because I like to keep things fresh, and even if I am working on orders I always like to make new things. So the shop will remain open. It will only go into holiday mode when we actually leave. After the break, things will be back to normal, business as usual! :-) OK, back to work! :-)

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Planning ahead...

Charlotte Hat  - cotton crocheted cloche
I love networking. It's a fantastic way to get to know new people and find new talent. I was page-hopping on Facebook and discovered a photographer who I think is incredibly talented. She is Amy Stickel of Aim Photography. Whilst on her page I noticed she was hosting a photo contest, with the theme of 'April showers bring May flowers'. So, contestants simply need to send her a photo of their little one with flowers in the photo. These photos will then be judged and the winner will get a fantastic prize worth $250! I love exciting things and this is definitely going to be very exciting. So, I decided to contribute something. I already had a crocheted baby cloche hat, the Charlotte hat, (pictured) ready made, so donating this wasn't going to impact on my schedule in any way. So, that is what I have done! The contest starts tomorrow, 1st of May 2011 and will end 14th May. I can't wait to see the winner. Incidentally, this will be a day after I announce my own giveaway! So, definitely something to look forward to!

I have signed on a gorgeous newborn baby and her gorgeous sister for some professional photos of some of my products. The main focus will be the newborn photos. So I am working away to get some things in the mail before the end of May. So, no messing about!

I am really hoping to get a 15" waldorf doll, mainly to model my doll clothing and accessories collection aimed at the 15-16" size range. If I have the doll, it will also be much easier for me to design items which will fit this size of dolls perfectly. I already have 2 gorgeous dolls which are 12" and 14" tall. So at the moment I am looking to add a 15" doll to my collection, then a 10" cutie. At some point I will need to get a boy doll, because I love making boy clothing too! Naturally, I have doll makers I prefer. These dolls are expensive and when I buy dolls I have no intention of ever getting rid of them. This will become their 'forever home'. So I am only going to buy dolls that I know I will love. My dolls keep me company while I work, so we need to have a 'special' bond. However, as many will know, it's easier said than done! I have been trying for some time to get a doll from a particular maker, but...well, let's just say things don't look that promising at the moment!...It's almost impossible to get them now! I may have to look for another maker. As long as the dolls are beautiful, made completely with natural materials, and the quality is superb with great attention being paid to detail, I will be happy. I will keep on trying though!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Fibre/ YarnTypes

Buffy Sock Yarn superwash by JunoFibreArts on Etsy     
I have added a new page to the blog which will be dedicated to providing you with information on the different yarn/fibre types to enable you to make an informed choice about knitted and crocheted products. It's interesting to know where these fibres come from! The information is sourced from reliable websites and links to the original websites will be provided for further reading.

Here is the link to it. Enjoy...