Saturday, 30 April 2011

Planning ahead...

Charlotte Hat  - cotton crocheted cloche
I love networking. It's a fantastic way to get to know new people and find new talent. I was page-hopping on Facebook and discovered a photographer who I think is incredibly talented. She is Amy Stickel of Aim Photography. Whilst on her page I noticed she was hosting a photo contest, with the theme of 'April showers bring May flowers'. So, contestants simply need to send her a photo of their little one with flowers in the photo. These photos will then be judged and the winner will get a fantastic prize worth $250! I love exciting things and this is definitely going to be very exciting. So, I decided to contribute something. I already had a crocheted baby cloche hat, the Charlotte hat, (pictured) ready made, so donating this wasn't going to impact on my schedule in any way. So, that is what I have done! The contest starts tomorrow, 1st of May 2011 and will end 14th May. I can't wait to see the winner. Incidentally, this will be a day after I announce my own giveaway! So, definitely something to look forward to!

I have signed on a gorgeous newborn baby and her gorgeous sister for some professional photos of some of my products. The main focus will be the newborn photos. So I am working away to get some things in the mail before the end of May. So, no messing about!

I am really hoping to get a 15" waldorf doll, mainly to model my doll clothing and accessories collection aimed at the 15-16" size range. If I have the doll, it will also be much easier for me to design items which will fit this size of dolls perfectly. I already have 2 gorgeous dolls which are 12" and 14" tall. So at the moment I am looking to add a 15" doll to my collection, then a 10" cutie. At some point I will need to get a boy doll, because I love making boy clothing too! Naturally, I have doll makers I prefer. These dolls are expensive and when I buy dolls I have no intention of ever getting rid of them. This will become their 'forever home'. So I am only going to buy dolls that I know I will love. My dolls keep me company while I work, so we need to have a 'special' bond. However, as many will know, it's easier said than done! I have been trying for some time to get a doll from a particular maker, but...well, let's just say things don't look that promising at the moment!...It's almost impossible to get them now! I may have to look for another maker. As long as the dolls are beautiful, made completely with natural materials, and the quality is superb with great attention being paid to detail, I will be happy. I will keep on trying though!

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