Monday, 2 May 2011

Custom orders put on hold temporarily...

So, I made a plan in my head of what I wanted to do this month. I was gearing up to take TD to another level. Some things will go ahead as planned, like completing current orders (absolutely!), preparing my donations to various charity auctions and collaborative giveaways, and sending items to be photographed. However, I will have to put custom orders on hold, as my dear hubby and my family agreed we should go on a family holiday. I come from a big family, and apparently it was a unanimous decision, so, I am out-numbered before I even begin! lol We usually go on a family holiday once a year, but last year it just didn't happen for one reason or another. It's important for people to spend quality family time together, to have a balance between life and work. We'll be away for nearly 3 weeks from the first week of June (oh my gosh!). So, having looked at my list of current orders needing to be completed, and needing some time to prepare for the trip, in between visits to the orthopaedic team and physiotherapy (for my fractured ankle), it's only sensible to put custom orders on hold until the end of May. The reason for that is that will enable me to stick to my current turn-around-time of 4-6 weeks. I would hate to make anyone wait for longer than that unless they chose to do so themselves of course. So, this month I will focus on completing current orders, and designing new lines which I will add to my inventory upon my return. I will also add items which will be ready-to-ship in the shop every now and again, if I can, because I like to keep things fresh, and even if I am working on orders I always like to make new things. So the shop will remain open. It will only go into holiday mode when we actually leave. After the break, things will be back to normal, business as usual! :-) OK, back to work! :-)

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