Saturday, 14 January 2012

RTG Doll Knitwear Upload - 28 Jan 2012!!!

And now an announcement for you! My dolly-loving friends and fans, we are about to embark on a road to regular RTG uploads! I hope you'll join me! You will be my fuel. I won't be able to move without you! :-) The first will be on Saturday 28th January. So SAVE THE DATE! :-) ♥ ♥ 

For those of you wondering about custom orders, those will be welcome as always. I love them too much to drop them off the plans! :-) ♥

Today, there is something else that is new..the blog appearance. Although I loved the white background, which looked clean and fresh, I think after 2 years it needed a change. It needed a bit of colour injection, to freshen it up and give it new life. It has lain dormant for far too long. So, I took a deep breath and tried all thebackgrounds which Blogger provides. This current one was the one I loved the most. Although my banner looks a bit askew, it's ok. I think it makes it a bit quirky! So, perhaps the blog will now be a cheerier place for you to visit, and hopefully you will want to come back! Oh..and have you noticed?..Second Saturday in a row that I have blogged! Yes, that is the plan! :-) 

Tonight I am going out with a group of friends to bid farewell to a friend who has decided to emigrate to Australia (can you blame her? The weather itself is enough to drive you round the bend!) So she is off to sunny Brisbane, which I hear has perfect beaches (yes..rub it in...) We prepared a 'Leaving Book' for her, with snippets of the memories we have shared along the way. We have shared joy (like when she got married last year), We have shared pain (like when I lost my dad), we have laughed and we have cried, we have lazied about and we have boogied. Louise (or Lou Lou as we call her) is one of those characters who enjoys life to the full. And so she should, because life is what we make it. So let's make our lives worth living. 

I bet you didn't know I can dance, did you? I don't quite have the moves "like Jagger", but I sure can make Simon Cowell run for his money!..Oh..he doesn't dance, does he?..Hmmm...ok...

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