Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year...New Plans...and a New Camera!

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So, we're in January already! How time flies. It's a time to make plans and for some, resolutions. I personally don't like making resolutions, because if I don't stick to them, it's like some sort of failure! So, I make plans instead. I make plans for my personal life, as well as for my wee business. Tafferty Designs now has over 870 fans on Facebook. It looks like we'll hit 900 fans this year at least! lol.. I love getting new fans. It's a sign that people are liking..or dare I even say loving my stuff! I appreciate all the support I get from my fans. It's wonderful. I love the interaction as well. I love it when people like a post/photo, comment or post their own posts on the page. I don't know if people even realise hope has always been to cultivate a little community where I can share with my fans my passion for knitting and crochet. I am more or less up to date with my orders right now, so I am planning a surprise for when we hit 900 fans on Facebook. I think I will hold off giving details until we're actually at 900 fans. :-)

Talking about crochet, 2011 saw the start of something new, as I opened up a separate shop (TD Crochet Patterns) for just my patterns. I had initially thought I would cease to list pattern in my TD shop, but I still get decent sales of patterns in my TD shop. So..hmm...tricky! I think I'll stick with both until TDCP turns ONE!, we'll see. That's the beauty of making plans. They can be altered to suit the situation. :-)

Another thing is I have become increasingly embarrassed by my crappy photos. I think seeing other people's photos makes you realise just how bad yours are! The grainy ones taken at night are the worst! They make me cringe!! I looked at the ones I took when I first opened TD. My skin crawled!! TD couldn't stop laughing I had to send him out of the room! If he were younger he would have been on the naughty step just for that! lol  I bet my photographer fans and friends also probably ask.."What the hell???" Anyway, I decided to get a new PROPER camera! I am absolutely in love with it!! It will take some getting used to, (all that stuff about aperture..ISO..shutter speed...YIKES!!) but I have been researching online and have struck up a friendship with a few people who are really big on photography to get some tips. They are amateurs like me, so I don't feel like I am getting a tutorial I should be paying for,which would make me feel quite bad. lol.. I think I will join a photography group or at least attend a course so I know what I am doing! One could have a fantastic camera and still take appalling photos!'s gonna be one helluva a fun ride! I love it. Oh..that reminds me..I need to get lamps!

I will have to resist writing things about the pattern shop here. See? I was about to tell you I am designing a new hat!..I suppose I can tell you a wee bit, since the hat itself will be added to the TD inventory. So, expect a new hat at TD! I will make dolly versions as well.

Outside work what am I up to?I have decided to take up jogging again because I am planning to run a marathon for charity, as well as for my own personal achievement. I have always been an athelete from a young age, so it will be something to add to my list of things I did out of passion. :-)

Until next time...keep safe..keep smiling..and keep loving..

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