Saturday, 12 June 2010

OOAK Mr. Hedgehog Tea Cosy

Mr. Hedgehog has come from under the hedge and is out in the garden, looking for juicy morsels hiding in the grass and beneath the flowers. Will he find any? I think he will if you help him! Here is a tea cosy that is full of fun, charm and character. I love making tea cosies which you won't find on the market. I have created this delightful number for those looking for the unusual yet practical tea cosy. Being hand-made, it is not mass-produced and therefore you will not find many like items on the market.

I love nature, and I think hedgehogs are adorable...So, I thought, why not make a tea cosy with Mr. Hedgehog in a lovely summer garden? Here is the result! This is a must for a nature lover, David Attenborough fan or simply someone you love who likes nice things.

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