Monday, 19 July 2010

Update - The coming of Autumn

As we approach the cooler weather, I am adding new stock to my shop inventory. This includes booties, hats, gloves, scarves and shrugs. There is going to be completely new items which have not been in the shop before. I have tons of different colours, different colours and will be looking for more yarns to be adventurous with, so there is a lot for you to look forward to! Here are a few samples of what I have recently added to the shop.

In terms of news, I have signed up to contribute 3 pairs of my Waldorf snUGG booties to a giveaway that is being hosted by Gals and Dolls, a Facebook comunity that brings together people from all over the world who love anything to do with Waldorf dolls. It's exciting to be part of such a thing. I am making them a custom, so the winner will get to choose the colours and sizes.

The Facebook Waldorf doll directory (Waldorfers) is growing..slowly but surely. We have 25 members already! The main aim of this group is to bring together sellers involved in making dolls and whatever dolls need, to create a comprehensive and extensive directory, which will allow doll mamas and papas to find a variety of dolls, clothes and sellers. It will be an opportunity for sellers to network and perhaps even collaborateon projects. So, to say I am excited is an understatement!

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