Saturday, 30 October 2010

What's going on at TD?

Sometimes I sit back and think of what is going on at Tafferty Designs and I always think it's amazing. I have been making so many things, a lot of them custom orders, and it makes me realise there is an artist in all of us. Perhaps you can't knit, crochet or sew, but even just imagining something to be created brings out the artist in us all.

So, Daisy, the gorgeous handmade Waldorf Baby Girl doll will be going home next week. So will the custom doll. This weekend, I will be focusing on creating some clothing for them. So, that will leave Rachel and Ethan, who are still available in my shop at only $80. I hope they will find homes soon!

I have added more items to my Doll Accessory inventory - sweaters and hats, and am now making items for a wider range of doll sizes. Tafferty Designs now accommodates 10-16 inch dolls! That has been through the help of so many people who have given me measurements or have tested my items. The photo on the left was taken by Lea Thomas of Lea's Looks Photography, a talented professional photographer and features a sweater and snuggs I made.

Debra of Apple Tree House has completed her Giveaway doll. She is stunning! She is now just waiting to be named (although I can already guess what her name will be!), and to receive her clothing in the mail from Lil' Blue Boo, AND a pair of snuggs from Tafferty Designs, (erm, that's ME)! It's a very special giveaway in that it marked a wonderful milestone for Apple Tree House and the doll was designed by her fans. so, to be making snuggs for such a special giveaway is simply awesome.

I continue to receive tremendous support from my fans/likers, customers and fellow artists. I always try my best to make things people will be happy with and so far, it seems I am doing OK! I am at 469 fans at the moment on Facebook and 53 followers here on the Blog. Amazing! No matter how slowly that number rises, what's important to me is that it continues to rise, as that will mean more and more people know about TD, and hopefully that they are happy with what I make.  I hope to see more people joining me on Facebook and here on the blog. It's great to interact with people..say a cheery hello, get some feedback on a new products etc.

I have had several requests for patterns, especially diaper cover patterns. So, as soon as I have a bit of time, I will write them out and they will be available to purchase in the shop.:-)

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  1. I'm impressed that not only do you make the doll, but crochet those tiny clothes as well. I'm following from the Etsy forum. I would love it if you followed back. : )