Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Last Call!!

Today is the last day for the TD sale for the TD Facebook fans. I've had such wonderful support from my customers, so it was nice to give something back. The giveaway is still running..still another week to go...(see post below this one)

I just want to thank my sister for helping me with packing packages this weekend and these last couple of days. It was a sweet and kind gesture.

I am making a pair of booties in a new design. I am really excited about them as I think they will look really adorable. i will share pics as soon as they are done.

I am also expanding my pattern inventory. I have just completed the pattern for a crocheted apple hat. I love it! It will be up in the shop in the next 24 hours. I might also add the pattern to fingerless gloves. I am making a pair as a custom order, so I might as well kill 2 birds with one stone. I tend to knit from memory and therefore haven't got many patterns written out. It's incredible how much the brain can store..all neatly filed away for easy access when I need a pattern! But, that may soon change.at least for some items. Why? Because I am writing out a few more patterns which will be available in the shop. :-)

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