Sunday, 13 February 2011

A little bit of sunshine...

I was out in the city today, looking at furniture and yarn. One of my lovely customers asked me to make a couple of summer hats for her two sweet girls, one of them in yellow. I didn't have any more yellow cotton yarn in my stash so I went to the yarn store in search of some yellow goodness. Mr. TD had accompanied me and eventually went to another shop for more 'manly' purchases, because, as you can guess, I got carried away in the shop! LOL... I can never stop admiring or buying yarn. no matter how much I already have! My fellow yarn addicts will understand this. I always say I will use it all up. I am still saying it!

Anyway, so, there I was, in search of some yellow cotton goodness. Their stock was rather limited, which is unusual. However, I was looking through the cotton varieties when this one caught my eye. There was another one near it, not unlike it in colour, but slightly firmer in texture. I picked up this ball of yarn, and all the clouds seemed to float away, letting the sun shine through. It was a wonderful feeling. Yellow is probably going to be one of my colours of summer 2011 after that experience! I have asked my lady to choose between the yarns. Once she has chosen, in consultation with her daughter who will soon be the proud owner of the hat, I will set about making it. I promise to post pics on my Facebook page. As for the other hat? The colour combo we have come up with is TDF! I am so excited. Watch this space! :-)

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