Thursday, 13 May 2010

I have always said my greatest inspiration comes from everything around me. That includes the people I interact with, whether formally or informally. One of my best-selling products have been the handknit baby Snugg-style booties, (or Snuggies as I like to call them). So I was delighted when one of my Facebook connections, who makes these adorable little dolls approached me with a request to make Snuggies for her dolls to wear! I will be finishing them this weekend and can't wait to have them 'tested' by her dolls! Excited? You bet I am!

I am also excited about a new product I am designing and creating...the baby diaper covers! This idea was given to me by another FB connection of mine who is a very talented photographer as well as a graphic artist, and would like to use them as photo props. It was such a wonderful request and I set out to workright away! I am nearly finished and will both share photos with you here, and list them in my Etsy store as soon as they are done.



  1. I am so proud to be your 1st follower! I can't wait to try the doll size booties on AppleTreeHouse Dolls :o)

  2. Hi Debra! Thank you for the support! I am nearly done with the sample. I am really excited about them. :-)