Saturday, 15 May 2010

I picked up this gorgeous newborn baby doll which is so life-like it's amazing! I haven't decided on a name for her yet, but she will be modelling all of my baby hats from now on so you can see how they would look when worn. Here is an example of her wearing one of my hats (see pic)

I am just finishing off the first of the diaper covers. I went for a simple classic wrap style as I think this will keep the cover in place better than with just one button. I will vary the style to suit different needs/tastes. I went for an organic cotton yarn in natural, trimmed with organic chocolate cotton. I am also making a matching visor beanie. They will both be ready for a ‘photo shoot’ tomorrow, modelled by my new 'baby girl'! I am really excited about them. I will be using cotton, bamboo and other natural fibres to create the diaper covers as these are more breathable and will prevent baby from getting a diaper/nappy rash as they will allow air to circulate and will also absorb some of the moisture, which is ultimately great for baby! :-)

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