Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Free Yarn! Just pay shipping costs!

FREE YARN!  JUST PAY SHIPPING COSTS! I have a LOT of yarn which I no longer use. I used to make baby blankets for my local special care baby unit, but they use fleece blankets now, so I have this stash I don't need anymore! Please forgive me if I am a little late in responding to emails, but I will respond as quickly as I can.
Please note, all the yarn is double-knitting weight, unless otherwise stated.
All yarn is 100% Acrylic, unless otherwise specified.
To save on packaging costs, and for the sake of going green, I will ship most of the yarn in pristine shopping bags. Don't worry, they won't be tatty! Some of them are actually quite pretty! Tomorrow (17th June 2010)is Green Britain Day, so it's my contribution to the cause! :-)

LIST UPDATED 18.O6.10 AT 01:00 GMT
Brand: Sheena Anne
850g white (baby DK)
250g lemon (baby DK)
200g denim blue
150g baby blue (baby DK)
200g black

Brand : Woolcraft
100g lilac (4 ply!)
100g beige
100g navy
100g brick red
600g white
200g lemon
100g light blue
100g black

Brand : Premier
100g sage
100g lilac

Brand : Cygnet
300g green

Brand : Sirdar
300g beige

Brand : Wendy
100g multicoloured (Picasso) - white + green + red + orange + yellow

Brand unknown
50g lemon (supersoft mixed fibre)
 approx 75g royal blue
approx 75g white

will keep updating it here and on my facebook page discussion board.

If you would like some, just let me know by emailing me at and I will work out the shipping costs for you. :-)

You can also check the shipping charges beforehand at


  1. I am making a scrap yarn blanket, but the weight needs to be worsted. What weight is the stuff you are giving away? Here is a pic!

  2. Hiya! I got your convo on Etsy and replied. What a pity I don't have worsted weight yarn. Almost all of it is DK, with a just about 1 kilogram in 4-ply. Really sorry!