Wednesday, 1 September 2010

So much to say, So much to do, So little time!

Hi folks! I know I have been away for some time, but, like the heading says, sometimes time is just not on our side! So much has been happening I don't even know where to start!

First of all, I have been flying back and forth, visiting family. It has been hectic but so much fun! I have managed to work on projects when they have let me, but that was usually deep in the night when they had gone to bed! But, now that I am back home, I am back on track and aim to complete all outstanding orders this week, which means there will be brand new stock in the shop!

The other good news is, I got one of the most gorgeous dolls ever! I absolutely adore her! She is ALL organic - from her soft skin, soft curly locks and soft lambswool stuffing. She is just sooooo cute I love her to bits! She stands 14 inches tall, which means there will be loads of clothing for dolls that size, as well as the 12-inch dolls. This little darling was made for me by a very lovely lady called Moyra who usually sells her dolls at craft shows. I hope I can persuade her to sell on Etsy and get a Facebook page going to keep everyone up to date! She is tied up at the moment but as soon as she is free, she will introduce herself to the Waldorf mamas and papas! We will be working together on many projects! I'll keep you posted. :-)

To celebrate my doll (yet to be named!) coming home, I will have an exciting giveaway here on the blog for all my doll-loving blog followers and Facebook fans/likers! I will announce the details next week when I have everything in place.


  1. She is indeed , a beautiful doll, cheers Marie

  2. Thank you Marie! I'm so glad you think so too! :-)