Sunday, 15 August 2010

This Week: Doll Focus - Size Matters!

This week has seen a lot of new developments, some of which are still in the works and will be announced when the time is right. What I CAN tell you is that I was fortunate enough the be loaned a 12-inch Waldorf doll, which will enable me to create more doll clothing with more precision, rather than guess work. So many people have been helping me while I haven't had a doll to try clothing on, and to them I am incredibly grateful. They have always been so patient, taken the time to take photographs and given their honest opinion, which is very helpful. I am sure I will continue to ask for their help! These people include Debra from Apple Tree House Dolls, Michelle from Smackerals by Michelle, Shannon, Jess, Valerie, the doll mamas and papas, and my friends and fans on both my Facebook page and here on my blog. I only have the doll for a couple of weeks so i will be busy writing up patterns to use for future projects, and will use her to model some of my creations in the meantime, until I get my own doll, which I am hoping will be in the very near future! I have listed a couple of things so far : a crochet red apple visor hat and a knitted shrug and hat set. Here they are!


  1. Just beautiful, cheers from New Zealand Marie

  2. Thank you so much Marie. You know, I think NZ is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I nearly moved there about 5 years ago! Maybe one day I will visit! :-)