Friday, 18 March 2011

Easter Bunnies are here!

With just about 5 weeks to go before Easter, I have started making Easter Goodies. Although they appear to be limited to the adorable bunny slippers, that does not mean I don't have some great ideas in my head! I am planning to make matching bunny beanies next week. For the moment, I will make doll bunny slippers per 'reservations', which means the slippers will be either RTG or semi-RTG. By semi-RTG, I mean that the body will be done, then the ears are made once the buyer tells me their colour choices. It allows me to work at a certain pace and still be able to ship items almost immediately. I'll hopefully add 'extra' pairs as well, which are not reserved.

I also plan to start writing up patterns for doll crochet and knitted accessories to allow some crafty mamas to make their own goodies for their dolls. It gives me so much joy to see products people have made using my patterns. So, I am really looking forward to it! :-)

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