Friday, 9 July 2010

This past week has been very frustrating for me as my computer crashed and it took longer for me to get a new one. However, I had more time to work on projects, rather than browse the internet, and I ended up with a very productive week. I listed several new hats and a couple of tea cosies, and have received custom orders on a few of them already. A couple of my items (the Blueberry tea cosy and organic dusky pink mary-jane booties) were featured in Etsy Treasuries, I got more yarn (surprise, surprise!) and I completed a new crochet hat pattern. So, all in all, it wasn't too a bad week.

I have also finally got round to choosing the winners of my 250-FB-fan-milestone give-away. I couldn't see the whole list of fans/likers on my phone so I had to wait until I got the computer. So, I have just announced the winners on my Facebook page. Yay!

One of my FB connections who owns a couple of gorgeous Bamboletta dolls kindly offered to try my doll snUGG booties. so I will complete those on Monday and they will hopefully be tested in a week or so, ready to be listed in my Etsy shop the following week. These are for the 15-inch Bamboletta dolls. The snUGG booties which were tested by the lovely Debra of Apple Tree House Dolls fit her 14-16 inch dolls and the 10-inch Bambos.

I wrote a new recipe yesterday...yummy scallops! I love seafood so I really enjoy this dish. i used to live in Aberdeen which has oneof the best sefood restaurants in the world. You had to book a table at least 6 months in advance! I will add a new page to this blog next week where I will be sharing my recipes with you. I used to think i would own a restaurant which offered good, wholesome food, but that dream never came true! My mum is a fantastic cook and used to be a Food and Nutrition lecturer before she went into management. So my passion for good food was from a very young age. She has actually written a recipe book herself, so perhaps I might share some of her recipes, if she gives me permission of course! Love you mum! :-)

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