Monday, 27 December 2010

New Year..New Ideas..New's time to grow...

The year is nearly over. There is no better time to reflect on the last 12 months and think ahead of the future. Tafferty Designs has had a really exciting year. I have had so many wonderful experiences...getting to know the world of Waldorf dolls and everything doll-related (thank you Debra!)...exciting collaborations...expanding the Tafferty Designs range with new products, colours and textures, but, most importantly, getting to know so many wonderful people through Etsy, Facebook and the blog. Crafting can sometimes seem like a lonely occupation, if you bury yourself among your materials. But, it doesn't have to be. It can be a fantastic way to get to know so many people from all over the world, from all walks of life, all with one passion..the passion for things handmade. Isn't that amazing? My only experience akin to online networking was when I was part of a book club...(yes..I used to write novels and short stories!)

So...what will 2011 bring to TD? Who knows? We will just have to wait. However, in general terms, I have some things I want to make integral to Tafferty Designs

  1. Expand my doll clothing inventory. I love making cure things for dolls! I intend to introduce new designs, some of them inspired by fashion of days gone by. I have a penchant for vintage and costume expect to see something inspired by Sense and Sensibility!
  2. I really want to publish more pattern. When I tried my first patterns out, I had no idea just how well they would be received. I have promised a few people that I would publish this or that pattern, so those will be my first priority. I have met a lady who has offered to test some pattern for me. This will be a huge help as sometimes the only reason holding things back is the fact that I haven't had a chance to test a pattern! So, once we iron out the arrangements, I will tell you all about it.
  3. I would like to make more items for the home. I love making tea cosies, and I guess it's really just an extension of that. Cup cosies are so easy to make i often wonder why they are not in my shop! lol They will come...they will come..and so will cushion covers, ipod covers, ipad sleeves, iphone beds, pot holders...and loads more! 
  4. Toys...I have a handful of ideas...I will have to put a lid on this idea until I have put more thought into it and worked out a few things...So, watch this space!
  5. There is an exciting collaboration in the works..but I have to wait until my partner in crime lets me know whether or not we will proceed. I don't want to announce it only to announce it is no longer happening! 
  6. I will have more RTG uploads, particularly with doll items and tea cosies. It'll give me a chance to experiment a little..The next one is planned for January. I think, if all goes well, it will be a regular monthly..or even fortnightly thing...It all depends on the other orders I receive. BUT, it will happen. I already have 4 items for the January upload. I will post preview pics of each upload on my Facebook page and some here on the allow people to have a look and see if there is something they would like. 
  7. Custom orders...I love custom orders..that will never change. If I could change anything, I'd make my hands work faster! :-
So, I hope you will continue to support me on my journey. I couldn't have achieved what I achieved this year without you. I now have an incredible 555 fans on Facebook. so, yes..there will be another give away when we get to 750 fans. Don't say I didn't tell you! :-)

Yours truly
~ Judith