Sunday, 23 October 2011

It's been a while...but...

It has been a while since I blogged. That's how busy I have been! I suppose working on orders has to be a priority at all times. I do keep up-to-date on Facebook, so perhaps if you're still not a follower on Facebook it's time you did! :-)

I finally set up a separate Pattern Shop, which is doing ok. I have had 51 sales already, which is pretty good in 3 months..for a 'newbie'! I love designing new patterns, and once I get most orders completed, I will continue to design more. I have lots of exciting ideas.

Speaking of new designs, my dolly line is expanding. I have added so many new designs..


...and more...and...wait for it...I finally got my BOY DOLL!!!!...He is a Dragonfly's Hollow boy and I absolutely LOVE him to bits. He is perfect in every way. So, expect some boy doll designs. next doll will be a 10-inch doll. There are a few to choose from. It will probably depend on the price and availability, as many of my favourites are sooooooooooo hard to get these's almost impossible! So, I will keep my fingers crossed that someone will want to re-home theirs, or that I am just lucky enough to snag one! :-) Fingers crossed! :-)


  1. Good luck getting a 10", i have 2 dfh little's, new and old style so if you need any measurements let me know :-)

  2. OoOooo...I'd LOVE to have the measurements of the DFH Littles!!! So yes please! Thank you! :-)